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Scandinavian Cohousing - report on conference and visits to communities - May 2010

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International Collaborative Housing Conference, May 2010, Stockholm and Cohousing Tour of Sweden and Denmark

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Older Women’s Cohousing Project, London - Press release July 2009

Older Women’s Cohousing Project, London and the UK Cohousing Network

14 July 2009.

Amid all the discussion on today’s Green Paper on Adult Social Care, it needs to be recognised that government – and all those public and private sector bodies agonising about society’s ageing and the future of health and social care services –continue to neglect a much overlooked resource for limiting future costs – the energies, drives and preferences of older people themselves.

Yorkshire smallholding available with potential for senior cohousing

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Smallholding near Selby in Yorkshire available for cohousing development
Senior(ish) Cohousing

Myself and my husband are in our early fifties, and live on a 5 acre rural smallholding with a huge greenhouse (over 2 acres!) near Selby in Yorkshire. We grow strawberries and tomatoes which we sell to local farm shops, box schemes and at farmers’ markets. My husband works full time on the smallholding, whilst I have a full time job and help out at evenings and weekends.

However, there’s just too much work for two of us, so we are looking for like-minded people who are passionate about great-tasting food, who care about the environment and would jump at the chance of living in the countryside.

Article in USA TODAY about senior cohousing

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American news company USA TODAY have run an article about senior cohousing.

You can find the full story here.

Cohousing Communities for Older People

Maria Brenton
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An article about senior cohousing

Another article by Maria Brenton called 'Cohousing Communities for Older People'. Published in M.Field (ed) Thinking about CoHousing, Diggers & Dreamers

Choosing and managing your own community in later life

Maria Brenton
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An article about managing communal living in later life

An article by Maria Brenton called 'Choosing and managing your own community in later life' which was published in K.Sumner (ed) Our homes, our lives: choice in later life living arrangements. London, Centre for Policy on Ageing/ Housing Corporation.

CoHousing Communities of Older People

Maria Brenton
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An article about cohousing in an ageing society

An article by Maria Brenton, 'CoHousing Communities of Older People'. Published in S.Peace & C.Holland, (eds) Inclusive Housing in an Ageing Society, Bristol, Policy Press.

Senior cohousing: "what is all this extra life for?"

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The fate of older people in British society is rising up the political agenda. This week, Gordon Brown launched New Labour’s call for a ‘fairer care system’. The government predicts that a quarter of the UK will be over 65 in twenty years, and the number of people over 85 will double.

A recent opinion piece by Julia Neuberger in the Daily Mail laments the way our society treats its older people, and notes that cohousing is one possible answer to the question, ‘what is all this extra life for?’ Gordon Brown seems to have taken on board that people don’t want to pour their equity into the pockets of a nursing home. Cohousing is clearly a way for older people to invest in their own continued independence. The mutual support inherent to cohousing could also save the state a huge amount of money. Has senior cohousing’s time come?

Senior Cohousing: A Community Approach to Independent Living

Charles Durrett
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New Society Publishers – ISBN: 9780865716117 ISBN-10: 0865716110

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Good regarding the process of achieving cohousing, as well as the specifics of senior cohousing.

From an Amazon reviewer: "Charles Durrett's Senior Cohousing book will help lead us into the next 17 years as an estimated 75 million Baby Boomers head into retirement. It only makes sense that the generation that brought social and environmental awareness to the fore would be searching for a sustainable, supportive, self-managed community housing solution for their later years, and Durrett has outlined in detail how – and why – to go about it.

"The stories and wisdom are from Denmark, where multigenerational cohousing began over 30 years ago. Since that time, cohousing has translated very successfully to over a dozen countries around the world, including over 90 completed neighborhoods in North America alone. With 20 out of the last 25 cohousing starts in Denmark being senior projects, we can only assume that Senior Cohousing on the rest of the planet will be as big – if not bigger – a hit.

"Durrett has given us clear and useful intruction in Senior Cohousing for how to go about creating a Senior Cohousing neighborhood, from gathering other interested parties to finding land, hiring the design and development professionals and building a cohesive community. The step-by-step chapters are interlaced with impotant and interesting sidebars, illustrations and photographs.

"The spirit of the book is both informative and fun. The candid photos, quotes and anecdotes drive home the glee with which these Elders are taking charge of their lives. Neighbors work and play together, share frequent meals, dance, bicycle, walk, and create poetry and art. After reading Senior Cohousing, for probably the first time in my life, I thought getting older might actually be a hoot."

Can be purchased from Gazelle Book Services.

Older Womens Cohousing (OWCH)

Proactive established group of women over fifty working towards establishing a cohousing community in High Barnet.
Date formed: 
02/12/2001 :00
Greater London
Union St., High Barnet, EN5
Construction work is being carried out on-site through to building completion. This stage concludes when all outstanding permissions and development requirements are also complete, or at the stage when members can move in.
Group status: 
Hannover Housing

Our Mission

The OWCH group welcomes women from all cultures and backgrounds who are willing to participate in the life of the group, which is based on core values like respect, mutual support and collaboration. The cohousing community will be run co-operatively by its members; Housing for Women will manage the rental units.

25 flats
Tenure Types: 
Home ownership
Contact Details:
Any other comments: 
Working with Hanover Housing and Housing for Women, the OWCH group is close-ly involved with the roll-out of the construction. 25 flats, common space and shared garden, 2 minutes from High St. A few flats remain for purchase and social rental. Parking will be restricted and a car-share system will operate.
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