UKCN Funding & Policy Newsletter. Feb 2014

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Cohousing swap on offer - Portland, Oregon, USA

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I'm looking to trade homes for a month or two to give me a chance to spend some time in the UK.  I live in a lovely cohousing community here in Portland, Oregon called Cascadia. Here are pictures of my unit; you will get a feel for the whole place by looking at our cohousing website.

Dutch family would like to visit a cohousing community this summer. Can you offer?

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I am living in Dutch cohousing project. We have 60 families here, living in 10 different groups. We don't have any philosophy, religious or political stance here, we do have lot of informal mutual contacts, but if we want we can keep a distance also.

I am a single father of Indy and Wesley, a boy and a girl almost three years old now. I think it would be nice to see a UK cohousing project, if possible with young children also.

Want to talk about cohousing for Univ. of Manchester research project?

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Regenerative neighbourhoods: Is Cohousing the Answer?

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This is a recently produced student piece that present broad and specific aspects of cohousing.

(starting exerpt . . .)

"All creatures endeavour to make their environment comfortable to live in. Humans have always created shelters, using a variety of materials and building styles. Over the ages, there have been countless designs, suited to different people and different places.


Cohousing Woodside planning permission granted

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Cohousing Woodside planning permission granted 13 January 2014. All systems go – new members welcomed. Next meeting Sunday Jan 19. Details via info[at][dot]uk

Holiday swap, Eindhoven, summer 2014

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Holiday swap or visit wanted for summer 2014 by Dutch cohouser living in  Eindhoven . Ruud van den Meer, has two small children, a boy and a girl, and lives in a cohousing project.

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Bridport wins funding from the Community Led Project Support Fund

Bridport Cohousing  CLT


Members of Bridport Cohousing Community Land Trust are celebrating their successful bid for funding from the Community Led Project Support fund.


Housing Ourselves Research Project

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Housing Ourselves Research Project

Can you help?
Have you been involved in an alternative housing project that has struggled to get off the ground in some way, maybe even folded completely?

Getting it Built Event Resources

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Hello and thank you to everyone who has participated in one of the regional Getting it Built for community led housing organisations.


We have started to upload the presentations below from the 3 of the 7 events so far and will keep this page updated as we continue to host these events.We will also add the resources that we have been given or that have been used as we go along.


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