Holiday swap, Eindhoven, summer 2014

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Holiday swap or visit wanted for summer 2014 by Dutch cohouser living in  Eindhoven . Ruud van den Meer, has two small children, a boy and a girl, and lives in a cohousing project.

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Bridport wins funding from the Community Led Project Support Fund

Bridport Cohousing  CLT


Members of Bridport Cohousing Community Land Trust are celebrating their successful bid for funding from the Community Led Project Support fund.


Housing Ourselves Research Project

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Housing Ourselves Research Project

Can you help?
Have you been involved in an alternative housing project that has struggled to get off the ground in some way, maybe even folded completely?

Getting it Built Event Resources

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Hello and thank you to everyone who has participated in one of the regional Getting it Built for community led housing organisations.


We have started to upload the presentations below from the 3 of the 7 events so far and will keep this page updated as we continue to host these events.We will also add the resources that we have been given or that have been used as we go along.


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Bradford Cohousing

October 2013 UPDATE

Our group is going well; we have just made contact with Bradford Council who is making positive noises

We want to hear from people who are interested however our core group is quite big and it is hard enough coordinating meetings with out more members – nice position to be in really!

Contact: judyaconnor[at][dot]uk


Building a house in 20 hours with a 3D printer

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Have a look at this

International Tour to Europe's Largest Custom Build Project 27th Sept 2013

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Nasba has set up a one day visit to the Almere self build project in Holland as it's the largest self build project in Europe, with 3000 homes on the site incorporating a whole range of different styles and designs.  The tour will be delivered by NaSBA and De Gebouwengids, and will start off in the city Hall with Jacqueline Tellinga (Municipality of Almere).

ICSA conference proceedings and videos available online (free of charge)

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ICSA conference, Communal Pathways to Sustainable Living, recently held at Findhorn.

Cohousing: A conversation starter for how we want to live our later lives

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Moyra Riseborough was commissioned to carry out a piece of research by the
Quality of Life Partnership, Newcastle University and Newcastle Elders
Council.  Attached is the first published report with more to follow (links within the doc)


Chuck Durrett talk in Edinburgh - senior cohousing - 11 September

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Chuck Durrett will be visiting the UK and giving a talk to the developing cohousing group, Vivarium.  There are a few more places if people are interested and can travel.  Here's the info (also attached as flyer). Great opportunity.



You are invited to a talk by CHARLES DURRETT on Co-Housing for older people


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