Diggers and Dreamers

Sarah Bunker, Chris Coates and Jonathan How (Eds)
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The definitive UK guide to communal living

In the late 1980s we started putting together the first edition of our book Diggers & Dreamers – the guide to communal living in Britain. It combined articles with a directory of intentional communities and it's been coming out in some form every two years ever since.

Now, as we approach our 20th anniversary we're returning to that original format and taking the opportunity to look back over the last two decades.

Has anything changed? While the mass media still consider communal living to be some oddity from the past, global warming and lower-impact lifestyles have become topics of everyday conversation. Perhaps the experience of communards – who have been quietly getting on with their lives in communal and co-housing groups, eco-villages and low-impact communities – will now become relevant in the wider world.

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