Thinking about cohousing

Martin Field
Publisher / ISBN: 

Edge of Time, 0951494570

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The best guide to cohousing in the UK from a housing policy expert

CoHousing is all about building neighbourhoods as if people mattered. Over the past 30 years they have spread from initial projects in Denmark across Europe to the USA, but until recently they have been notable by their absence in the UK. Thinking About CoHousing explores the whys and wherefores of the UK CoHousing scene.

This book seeks both to contribute ideas to that task and tools which will be of assistance to groups trying to develop CoHousing Schemes. Not a complete handbook but a look at what CoHousing is and what it isn’t. It recognises the obstacles to intentional communities and outlines strategies for creating CoHousing neighbourhoods. Features case studies as well as sections on:

  • designing CoHousing neighbourhoods
  • legal structures
  • finance and training