Self-Help Housing: Supporting locally driven housing solutions

Ben Pattison, Jennifer Strutt and Jim Vine
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Self-Help Housing ISBN 9781901742336

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Self-help housing involves local community groups bringing empty properties back into use.

This report is based on a Consultation that BSHF coordinated at St George’s House, Windsor Castle and research led by Professor David Mullins at the Third Sector Research Centre. The Consultation brought together representatives from groups undertaking self-help housing, academia, trade bodies, think tanks and government departments. As well as providing an additional source of housing from empty properties, self-help housing can create work and training opportunities, build local communities and support neighbourhood regeneration. This report offers recommendations – for central government, charitable trusts, local authorities and others – which would help self help housing to play a greater role in the UK. – a publication from Self-Help Housing, on the Building and Social Housing Foundation website: