Voices of Cohousing DVD

Matthieu Lietaert
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Voices of Cohousing - Building Small Villages In The City

One of today’s biggest paradoxes, is that half of the world’s population lives in cities, yet many feel lonely and do not know their neighbours… Imagine 20 households, each with its own dwelling, but all sharing some common rooms and activities. Urban and rural cohousing schemes make life easier and more fun for both adults and children, while preserving privacy. This documentary, based on interviews conducted in 14 cohousings, shows that another life is possible. This dvd also has a 22 min. practical advise section. 1 DVD. 59 mins. PAL. Region: 0 Subtitles: German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian & Swedish. DVD-VCB £16.95 Available from: http://www.green-shopping.co.uk/dvds/dvd_pages/dvd1.html