Camden area, group for over 45s, recruiting

Greater London
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Our Mission

We’re trying to start a cohousing group in the Camden area of North West London, specifically West Hampstead/Swiss Cottage. It is oriented towards households with one or more members approaching or past retirement age (we are in our mid-60s). There has been interest following an interview a few weeks ago in a local newspaper and we should like to let people know about this project. “This group exists to explore the possibility of establishing a supportive, neighbourly living community for over-45s in or near the WestHampstead/Swiss Cottage area of the London Borough of Camden. Communities of this kind are sometimes called CoHousing groups, and are more numerous in continental Europe than in this country. All CoHousing groups are different but have the aim of creating a living situation for older people where life is enjoyable, enriching and companionable. Communities are made up of separate, private living spaces, but with friends and companions nearby. Decisions are reached collectively, so that no particular point of view dominates. The community belongs to everybody in it. There is a "google group": you can join or contact[at]one-name[dot]org to find out more.


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